The Flotel Reina de Enín

This flotel is 12 meters long, with all the services to accommodate up to 34 people in three levels.

Reina de Enín has plans that adjust to the tourists’ demands, from those who want to walk through eco-tourist paths and practice extreme sports to those who just want to enjoy resting and the landscapes.

During your tour through the Ibare and Mamoré rivers on board of the Flotel, it is habitual to observe river dolphins or bufeos, unique and endemic species of the rivers in Bolivia’s amazonian region. Unlike other dolphins, the river one does not have the joined vertebrae, which allows it to have a flexible body, to turn its head and move among logs and branches in the flooded forests, where it goes searching for fish in high-water seasons. Habitually alone, it can be seen, in confluences or lagoons, in numerous groups. Curious animals that at times follow the ships surprising us with their "bufidos/snorts", which gave them the name which they are known with in the zone. A species full of anecdotes and legends that will enrich the nights on the Flotel. Plus, you will be able to see numerous birds (superb lyrebird, herons, cormorant, manguarí, batos, stork, kingfishers, seagulls, rayadores, spatulas, sererecurichero, tiluchis, rapaces, macaws, parrots and many more), several sea mammals, among which we can stand out the largest rodent in the planet, the capybara, besides reptiles such as the mythical sicurí or anaconda, petas and tatarugas, alligators and caimans or even we may be surprised by some constrictor boa quietly sunbathing on a log on the river bank.

When the sun sets, after dinner on board of the Flotel, you can enjoy the red and orange colored sky on the decks of this particular ship. The engines are turned off and the musicians start playing boleros and traditional local music with their guitars which under the shelter of the moon in a starry night make us dream with a paradise on earth.

Flotel Reina de Enín (Creative Tours) navigates along the Ibare and Mamoré rivers for more than 30 years, pioneer enterprise promoting the concept of eco-tourism in the area and making effective the actions aimed to strengthen the notion of sustainable development from the local perspective. Among the outstanding results of this path of our actions, in the year 2009, it is the creation of the Municipal Protected Area (APM in spanish) "IbareMamoré", concluding with its declaration in the year 2011. A representative example of the Bolivian Amazon that shelters endemic species such as Iniaboliviensis(Bolivian river bufeo) and the endangered such as Myrmecophagatetradactyla (oso bandera or giant ant bear) Eunectesspp., Panthera onca (tiger or jaguar) Leoparduspardalis (tigrillo), Alouattacaraya (manechi o howling monkey), A. sara (Bolivian red howling monkey) among others, along with more than 120 bird species characteristic of the pampas and riverside forests. A shared space with the native communities that depend on these resources for their development and who see their economy strengthen and guaranteeing the respect to their way of life thanks to the eco-tourism main activity that the Flotel Reina de Enín develops navigating through its two main cores, the Ibare and Mamoré rivers. Activity developed with the communities that inhabit these rivers, communitarian tourism fruit of the communal agreements.

Flotel Reina de Enín offers tours from 1 to 7 days long, employing local workforce for the development of their activities, among which stand out: fauna and flora watching, kayak and canoe rowing, visit to the communities, baths in rivers and lagoons. To these eco-tourism-focused activities are added campaigns of:

  1. Colaboration in research activities at departamental and national level (e.g. biologist meetings, Iniaboliviensis census, collaboration with the Biodiversity and Environment Research Center of the University of Beni, support to the Tourism faculty, etc)
  2. Event organization, promotion, awareness-raising and environmental education activities (such as the "I Clean the River" campaign currently in execution in coordination with the Tourism unit of the Governor’s office
  3. Local culture promotion (events with men and women of letters from Beni and musicians such as Piraí Vaca)
  4. Support to the city authorities in the management empowerment and promotion of the APM in order to strengthen the sustainable development concept in the field of their action.

To sum up, the Flotel constitutes an Enterprise that not only develops eco-tourism activities but also promotes this as a model of sustainable development in coordination with the local communities, local authorities and departamental educational centers.

The región of Beni has a hot and humid climate. We recommend you:
  • To take light cotton clothes that cover arms and legs.
  • Sun block.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Hat or cap.
  • Towel and bathing suit.
  • Flip-flops (on the ship you walk shoeless).
  • For the walks in the forest we also recommend a rain poncho and a pair of shoes to walk on the mud.
  • Mosquito repellent and flashlight.
  • Due to the occasional cold fronts of the south, we recommend you to take some warm clothes that might be useful.