Protected Municipal Area, Ibare Mamoré

Declared to keep the cultural and natural patrimony of the municipality of Trinidad, the APM Ibare – Mamoré, with its 24.506 hectares approximately, constitute a representative example of the diversity of the Plains of Mojos and the existing close relationship between this one and its inhabitants.

Representative example of the Bolivian Amazonia, in this protected area, the aquatic environment is protagonist: rambling rivers that form a constantly changing landscape, in space and time. Complexes of savannahs with island forests, palm trees, tajibales or cork trees, rapidly replaced by riverside forests in different stages which not only go through most of other landscapes but also are closely related with them, leaving constant scars on the plains.

Multiple environments that shelter an equally varied fauna, where open landscape native species are found (borochis, pejichis, tatús, piyos or ant bears), wetlands and water streams (alligators, caimans, petas, bufeos or fish and rays) and forests (antas, huasos, monkeys or felines) along with the rich avifauna that frequent these different landscapes.

Eight indigenous and peasant communities are integrated inside this Area:

  • Puerto Ballivián
  • Villa Victoria
  • Puerto Loma Suárez
  • Puerto Varador
  • Puerto Almacén
  • Mangalito